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On Tue, Jul 03, 2001 at 05:59:22AM -0700, Linux Developer wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have 4 problems as under please help me
> Columned List
> =============
> does columned list have scroll bar feature or I have
> to add another widget for scrolling.
> Web Site of GLADE
> ==================
> glade is a powerful GUI builder, I love it because it
> is much similar to VB gui building with many widget
> and completely visual, I am trying to see the home
> page of glade but could not see it since 1 week, can
> someone tell me what is happening with glade, what
> about its future developments and so on....
> changing color of widgets
> =========================
> how can I change foreground and background color of
> gtk widgets, I have gone thru the API reference but it
> is too confusing, a small example will help me.  my
> target is to change the foreground/background color of
> label or entrybox.

You have to set widget style.

	GtkStyle* style = gtk_style_copy (gtk_widget_get_style (
						  GTK_WIDGET (m_widget)));
	GdkColor* bg = &style->base[0];

	bg->red   = background->red;
	bg->green = background->green;
	bg->blue  = background->blue;

	gtk_widget_set_style (GTK_WIDGET (m_widget), style);
	gtk_style_unref (style);

However, I don't know what you have to do to change widget's style
at run-time. There got to be a way to tell Gtk+ to redraw widget.
If you find out, let me know too.

> GCC Warnings
> ============
> I am making gtk and gnome based application, when I
> compile the application it gives many warning out of
> which some of the common warnings are
> 1) no previous prototype defined for this function
> 2) implicit declaration for this function was int
> 3) pasting will not give a valid token
> I dont remember the exact messages but something as I
> mentioned above.  I know they all are coming because
> of used defined function.  I tried to put the
> declaration on top of the .c file but it was still
> giving warnings then I tried to put the prototype
> declaration in .h file but still I get warnings.  I
> want to do a clean compile please some help.
> further what is the meaning of message no 3.
> these all are warning not error so my application run
> smooth but still I want a clean compile.
> Regards,
> Farhan Ghafoor
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