Re: Nautilus, galeon and evolution taking huge amount of memory...

On 24 Jul 2001, Franck Martin wrote:

> I know that the above applications are still in infancy stage, but is it
> normal that they take so much memory? I have Nautilus as desktop and it
> is taking about 100MB of memory, evolution takes same amount and oafd is
> at about 50MB...
> I suspect some huge memory leaks too...
> For Nautilus it seems there is a fork of each nautilus for each of the
> desktop icon, plus the desktop or about 8 main processes with each of
> them exactly the same amount of memory used whatever I do. Is top
> reporting correctly?

Note that when you see multiple processes with the same name of the same
size in ps (such as for nautilus), often it is a threaded application.
For threaded applications, the threads are sharing the address space, so
summing each process's address space size will give a _very_ inaccurate


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