Re: Canvas shortcomings

  Let me add some thoughts. First let me say I could be wrong because I
haven't looked deeply into GnomeCanvas lately.
  Currently, GnomeCanvas rendering has 3 different rendering APIs:
	o GDK -- for non-antialiased mode
	o LibArt -- for antialiased mode
	o GnomePrint -- for printing (and rendering maybe? I'm not sure)

  That's why I'm not using GnomeCanvas in my humble application, and
making my own canvas instead. There should be an abstraction layer, as
there is in Dia, so that CanvasItems' rendering methods should always use
the same API, receiving a graphic context object as argument that can be
used to either render in aa mode or non-aa mode or printing, without the
object even noticing the difference.

Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro

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