A Program to parse mailto URLs for mailers that can't handle them.

Hi all,

I'm Philip Langdale from the galeon team.

We had always intended for galeon to pass mailto: URLs out to an
external handler, mutt, balsa, evo, whatever, but we were also aware
that a number of popular mail programs don't know how to parse
a mailto: properly. Our plan was to write handling code into galeon
that would parse the mailto: and format a command line that the
particular mailer could understand.

This was always on the backburner but finally came up for serious
thought in the last couple of days. We realised that there is no good
reason why this functionality should have any intrinsic link to galeon
at all.

A standalone program that was set as gnome's mailto handler would
a more general and superior solution, possibly configured by a capplet.
As such it would seem to be something more appropriately handled
under the auspices of gnome-utils or gnome-core or a mail centric
project ( though I don't know of one that isn't also mailer specific ).

I'm interested in finding out what your attitude would be to such a program.
It would, of course, be nice if someone was to say that they'd take the task
on, but I'm aware that we don't have a monopoly on having enough work
to keep us busy. :-)

I'd also love to hear if there is a more suitable forum for this.

Thanks for reading,


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