Re: patch for select in zvt (NEW)

Hello bmg,

Sorry that I don't know how to address this email.  You've always signed
your emails "bmg", and I'm not sure of your surname.  :-)

I tried your patches against gnome-core and gnome-libs to implement
xterm's cutToBeginningOfLine behavior.  The patches applied cleanly,
however I'm having the following problems:

(1) In the Preferences dialog, if I choose "Cut to beginning of line",
    the Apply button remains grayed out.  It appears that the dialog
    doesn't recognize that a setting has changed.  I can convince it be
    selected then deselecting another option, then the Apply button is

(2) Each time I enter the Preferences dialog, "Cut to beginning of line"
    is always deselected, regardless of whether I attempted to select it
    the last time.

(3) I don't see any behavior change in gnome-terminal regardless.
    Triple-click always selects the entire line.

I'm wondering about a couple things:

(1) Your patch made changes to acconfig.h in gnome-core, but no related
    changes to  Were those missing, or do I simply not
    understand how the configure system works?

(2) Should I be running automake/autoconf in gnome-core after applying
    your patches?

(3) I think the Preferences dialog option should be renamed to
    "Triple-click selects to EOL", or something similar.  Even though
    that is inconsistent with the xterm setting, it has two advantages.
    First, it is more descriptive of the behavior.  Second, it means
    that the default (unchecked) is the current behavior of

Thanks for implementing this!  I look forward to hearing from you again
if you have any ideas for fixing what I mentioned above.


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