Re: Canvas shortcomings

Martin Sevior <msevior mccubbin ph unimelb edu au> writes: 
> I conjecture that having one GtkObject per item would not yield sufficient
> speed for a WordProcessor where we're constantly reshuffling text all over
> the screen. Just imagine hitting delete on a line of Justified text that
> swallowed the following line. All the text following needs to be cleared
> and repainted. 

I think that's why Owen said "model is painting, not a canvas" -
i.e. there are paint commands, not canvas item things.
> I also conjecture that doing this in C based API would be a
> challenge.

Just more typing. ;-) You take what you'd do in C++, then manually
namespace it and put the "this" argument in front of the arg list. You
create a struct full of function pointers if you need a vtable. Works
fine, just a bit more masochistic. ;-)


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