Re: Canvas shortcomings


I have an humble suggestion:

Let's forget term GnomeCanvas completely for given discussion. It only
generates confusion whether we are talking about drawing API, or
system of display graph objects. After all current GnomeCanvas is
GtkWidget, so it is by definition bound very tightly to certain
graphic system.

Let's have something like:

Gnome2DDrawContext - universal drawing context
Gnome2DDisplayGraph - display graph system

So the function would be:

gnome_2d_display_graph_draw (Gnome2DDisplayGraph *dg,
                             Gnome2DDrawingContext *dc);

Best wishes,
Lauris Kaplinski

On 18 Jun 2001 15:24:20 +1000, Martin Sevior wrote:
> I fully agree. Since Havoc has explained how this could be done in C, I
> think it should be possible to have a function:
> gnome_canvas_draw( GnomeCanvas * myCanvas, Gtk_Generic_Graphics_Context *
> gc);
> Where gc is one of:
> 1. Standard gdk drawing context
> 2. Postscript context
> 3. PDF context
> 4. SVD Vector graphics context
> 5. Cool alpha bitmap graphics layer.. 
> Or whatever else people might think of and want to code.
> However one should be careful to remember that the Canvas, myCanvas,
> itself may be just a view derived from a deeper model.
> Cheers
> Martin

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