Re: Initial Help Needed

Hi Jens,

First of all thanks for the email

> I assume you use the source code generation feature
> of glade. 


>Then, there
> is also a file generated called support.[ch]. It
> defines only one public
> function: lookup_widget (root_widget, widget_name).
> The root_wiget is a
> pointer to the widget created by the create_*
> functions in interface.h,
> the widget_name is the name you gave the widget
> within glade. 

yes I can see that ..

>Of course
> you can only find a widget which is contained
> somewhere in the
> root_widget.

the root widget I think so will be dialog/form what
ever u say..... and this routine can find any widget
on the form......but when we have an application with
lets say 3 dialogs/forms then this routine is capeable
to find any widget on any dialog/form or it just finds
the widgets on one dialog ??  Please give me a brief
over using 2/3 dialog/forms

> If you have the reference to your desired widget
> (e.g. the textentry
> widget) you can use the functions described in
> GTK/GNOME API docs at
> to change the settings.

in OOP we use method and properties so is there a way
to access the properties or since we are working in c
language so we just have plain functions.

where should I define global varaibles to store the
pointers to point the widget so that I dont have to
call the above routine again and again ??? is it a
good idea to store the pointers like this ???
> If you are completely new to GTK/GNOME I also
> suggest you to read the
> greate "Gtk and GNOME Application Development" Book,
> which is also
> available online under

Thanks for the link....

Finally I would like if you or someone else just make
a small program in glade for me and email me

1) put an input box
2) put a button

when button is clicked
the inputbox should show
hello world

Thanks once again.

Linux Developer
from Pakistan

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