Re: Initial Help Needed

On Mon, 18 Jun 2001, Linux Developer wrote:
> I created a small application putting a textbox (the
> input box or whatever u call it) widget and a button
> widget.  The purpose was that when the button is
> clicked the textbox should show "Hello World".  (yes
> for some reasons I was using the text box to give
> output rather than the input anyways).
> I selected the mouse click event and generated the
> coding and all went well, I can see the required
> function in callback.c file but from there I dont know
> how to accomplish my task....I know a great deal of
> programming and logics but the only problem which I am
> facing is how to communicate with the user interface
> environment... I hope u get my point what I mean.

I assume you use the source code generation feature of glade. Then, there
is also a file generated called support.[ch]. It defines only one public
function: lookup_widget (root_widget, widget_name). The root_wiget is a
pointer to the widget created by the create_* functions in interface.h,
the widget_name is the name you gave the widget within glade. Of course
you can only find a widget which is contained somewhere in the

If you have the reference to your desired widget (e.g. the textentry
widget) you can use the functions described in GTK/GNOME API docs at to change the settings.

If you are completely new to GTK/GNOME I also suggest you to read the
greate "Gtk and GNOME Application Development" Book, which is also
available online under



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