Initial Help Needed

Hi All,

I am new to this mailing list so please pardon me if I
make any mistakes.

Brief Intro
I am a computer programmer and have exposure of 12
years programming under windows platform using Visual
Basic, Visual Fox, Visual C++, Java and many other dos
languages like foxpro, cobol, pascal, assembly blah
blah blah

I am plaing with unix since 1991 and with linux since
1996.  I am great fan of linux and I know how to
install and play around with different servers and
services etc etc.

What I want
Now after playing with linux since 5 years I am
serious in developing things for linux community under
open source model.

Last day I was playing with glade and what I feel is
that it is much similar to visual basic when it comes
to building user interfaces so I like it

I created a small application putting a textbox (the
input box or whatever u call it) widget and a button
widget.  The purpose was that when the button is
clicked the textbox should show "Hello World".  (yes
for some reasons I was using the text box to give
output rather than the input anyways).

I selected the mouse click event and generated the
coding and all went well, I can see the required
function in callback.c file but from there I dont know
how to accomplish my task....I know a great deal of
programming and logics but the only problem which I am
facing is how to communicate with the user interface
environment... I hope u get my point what I mean.

What you can do for me
Now I know there is tons and tons of documentation
available online but the thing I am an application
developer and not a system developer, so I guess
knowing much about internal working at begining is not

I need someone who can help me about issues like how
to see what is in a particular textbox, how to put
value in a textbox, how to check value in a combo box
or how to select value in a combo box, how to add
items in a combo box and other simple task.

What I think the best would be that those of you who
wants to help me can be in touch with me via personal
email and I can tell them to make a program with so
and so specification (like the above helloworld
example) and they can make that program and email me
the enitre glade project so that i can study it and
recreat it at my own end by myself.  Please note that
I just want you to make 15 programs for me and each
program will not take more than 10 minute for an
experienced developer, we can make one program a day.
The programs will be much related to the user
interface rather than the logic and will be quite


if u think that there is a document which servers my
purpose then please point me to it.


also please let me know from where I can download the
complete api reference...I need exact URL

what is the difference between gnome and gtk ??

Please forgive me if this is the wrong list or if
something went wrong from my side, my target is to
learn to build gui based programs via glade and do
some good for linux community...

Thanks for reading the email.

Linux Developer 
from Pakistan

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