Slightly OT: What happened to the GIMP mailing lists?


I am a member of gimp-{developer,web} xcf berkeley edu  I have stopped
received messages from there several days ago. Furthermore, I cannot
access the web-site of, and there doesn't seem to
be any new messages in its mail-archive archives. seems to be on-line, but there's little there
which is of relevance to the GIMP mailing lists. If anyone can reach the
maintainers of the mailing list and tell them to bring it back on-line I
would appreciate it. There are several issues which I'd like to discuss
on the mailing lists.


	Shlomi Fish

Shlomi Fish        shlomif vipe technion ac il 
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A more experienced programmer does not make less bugs. He just realizes
what went wrong more quickly.

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