POPT problem

    I've followed the GGAD's tutorial, and used POPT to add command line
argument parsing to my application. I have a problem: when launching my app
with the --help flag, it gives:

GNOME GUI options

Opzioni di gestione della sessione
  --sm-client-id=ID           Indica identificatore del controllo di
  --sm-config-prefix=PREFISSO   Specifica prefisso della configurazione
  --sm-disable                Disabilita connessione al gestore di sessione

xU xU@nd o
  -t, --tokens=PEDINE         Numero di pedine da indovinare (4-6, default
  -n, --number=GAMMA          Numero di pedine differenti (4-10, default 6)
  -r, --rounds=TENTATIVI      Numero di tentativi disponibili (6-12, default
  -e, --endless               Tentativi infiniti

(sorry, I know, it's in italian), everytime the same. I don't know how to
set the section title, so I really don't know how to control where something
could be wrong!! :( I tried to use two popt tables, one of wich calling the
other with POPT_ARG_INCLUDE_TABLE, but it gives, of course, that ugly
'title' and after it the second one... could anyone give me a hint? I don't
attach the source code, I guess it would be unpolite; but if you tell me
where could be the error, I could copy a small piece into a mail...
    thank you,
        mano :)

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