A new application inclusion request for GNOME 1.4-extra


I'm new to the list, and I'm looking forward to see an application of mine
included in the gnome-extra package.  It's called Directory administrator and
its purpose is to manage LDAP directory servers, specifically UNIX users and
groups, and their organizational and access control attributes.

You can see a fairly larval home page at

which includes several screen shots of the dialog boxes and a fullscreen shot.

This application is fairly stable (releases NEVER segfault, consume resources or
anything and the only thing I'm concerned is that although everything is
g_free'd up the way it's supposed to be, opening 20 windows consumes memory,
closing them down doesn't free it, and opening 20 windows more doesn't consume
any more memory. Must be a GNOME/GTK+ idiosincrasy.

The application is written with Glade using the GNOME libs, and I have plans to
use GConf as the configuration backend as soon as I find a tutorial or good
documentation on it.

The only major features missing are
* the ability to control organizational attributes of the person accounts (Fax,
extension, office number, title, etcetera)
* the ability to read /etc/login.defs to find sensible defaults for UNIX shadow
password policy configuration.  Those are handled currently by a couple of #ifdef's.
* a decent help file and password

Finally, I'd like to remind everyone that we haven't
 (and no one has) got a tool for LDAP directory UNIX user and group management,
which is severely hampering the development and deployment of LDAP strategies
and servers in corporations.  OR, depending of one's view, severely hampering
the ability of Linux to participate as a a 'good' server/client in the eyes of
MIS of big corporations.  PAM_LDAP and NSS_LDAP were key that enabled Linux's
participation on directory servers - Directory administrator may be the key to
enable Linux's administration side of the equation.

I look forward to the honor of having this application on the gnome-extra
packages =)

Good luck,

    Manuel Amador (Rudd-O)
   Universidad Federico Santa Maria - Campus Guayaquil
	 Enviado por:  www.usm.edu.ec/computacion

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