Gtk widget + canvas problem

Hi folks,

First of all ... I am so psyched to have found this list!   I was
mailing the regular gnome list for a while to no avail.  Yeehaw!

I'm wondering if anyone has a workaround for the following problem.
When placing a generic Gtk widget on a Gnome canvas, then moving it,
signals stop getting sent to the widget in question once it's moved
beyond its original area/location.

My workaround was to attach a function to the canvas as a whole and
check when the mouse was inside a given widget.  Works ok.  The other
workaround is to place a gnome rectangle behind the GtkWidget and keep
pointers to both in a list of appropriate structs.  Attach callbacks to
the rectangle, etc... That works better.

Any others?


Dave Topper
Technical Director - Virginia Center for Computer Music

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