Re: Gtk widget + canvas problem

James R Eagan wrote:

> That sounds similar to a problem I was having recently with
> GnomeCanvasGroups.  It turns out that moving a GnomeCanvasItem with
> gnome_canvas_item_set(item, "x", new_x, "y", new_y, NULL) is not the
> same as a gnome_canvas_item_move(item, dx, dy), so if you're using the
> first form, you might wish to try the second.  If that doesn't do it,
> I'm sure someone who actually knows what they're talking about will pipe
> in ;-)

I use gnome_canvas_item_set() to position the item initially.  Then I use
gnome_canvas_item_move() to move it.  Basically the same methods used in
the gnome_canvas_test program that comes with the distro.  I use the same
functions as in canvas_primatives.c.  Seems like there's surely a bug.

Technical Director - Virginia Center for Computer Music

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