Another big complain for Gnome-0.14rc1

Hi all,

This is really wreid. Why didn't the Gnome release team inform the
maintainers of
gnome fifth toe packages about the release of Gnome-1.4rc1? They did
a mail about the release of beta2, but never did I find a prior
notification of the release
of 1.4rc1.

This situation is really important as the developers might be working to

produce a more stable, bug fixed version of the packages. At least for
Anjuta IDE,
it is true.

We have been dipping our heads to produce a stable release of Anjuta IDE

(0.1.4) and looo.. gnome-1.4rc1 is released.

They were so good at giving deadlines and whole lot of other stuff
taking big issues on compilation problems with gnome BETA2 release
and they _FORGOT_ to give a prior notification of the rc1 release.
Anyway, there are still lot of compilation problems with this release.

The gnome release team should be responsible for clearing all the
with the  packages that are included with the gnome release, including
fifth toe packages, before they go for the actual release.



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