Re: gtk+-1.2.10 should be in gnome-1.4 (was: Re: Final package deadline for GNOME 1.4)

На Срд, 28 Мар 2001 11:14:58 Karl Gaffney написал:
> If we make this change we're going to need a lot more time to
> properly
> test that this change doesn't cause any gtk+ related regressions.
Strange position 8-( Then how do you call test stage of 1.2.9? How
many time you tested it? How deep you tested it? And you released it
with broken i18n!
I knew about solution from Vlad nearly two week ago. Where you was all
that time? It's not small bug. It's make gtk+/gnome apps quite
unusable for Russian at least (I'm afraid and for all non-ascii).


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