Re: gtk+-1.2.10 should be in gnome-1.4 (was: Re: Final package deadline for GNOME 1.4)

NB: Sorry for crossposting - I think the problem concerns too many of us...

As a professional software engineer, I should agree, that testing is the most
important part of any project... Even the most borring as well. But... That
change defenitelly should be in Gnome! Or, we should just put in our motto - 
"English rules, other languagaes - go away!" Or, something more rude...

Releasing Gnome with a well known and already fixed bug, that can just break
all the internationalization effords of the Gnome team - what can be worse?
Maybe, I'm too pathetic here, but I fell like this...

And to be more picky - where all that tests be, when the prior change, that 
broke reading of extended segments gone into 1.2.9?

I really hope to see 1.2.10 before Gnome release...


On Wed, Mar 28, 2001 at 08:14:58AM +0100, Karl Gaffney wrote:
> If we make this change we're going to need a lot more time to properly
> test that this change doesn't cause any gtk+ related regressions.
> -Karl.

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