Re: xml preformated text & db2html != gnome-db2html

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Naba Kumar <kh_naba yahoo com> writes:
> >
> > 1) How can I put preformated text (that may contain "</>" etc)
> You just escape the text, along these lines:

Ok, that's one solution (and possibly only one). Thanks

> > 2) Why is gnome-db2html so happy to produce the whole chapter
> > in a single page? It's annoying, since these so-called _chapters_
> > in so-called _books_ tend to be big.
> >
> > db2html does fine with section per page. Moreover, the two programs seem
> > to be parsing the sgml file differently and expecting different
> > tags (jade was producing so much error compiling the gnome sgml
> > docs). Are they suppose to work on different doc types?
> >
> This is just a matter of what stylesheet is used to format the docs,
> we have a different one. I don't know the rationale etc.

That certainly is true. The one I'm using is, therefore, the default one
that comes with gnome. I was just browsing through the nautilus and it
showed that way.

Can there be a way to change the stylesheet used for formating the sgml
pages for gnome helps (say, through some sort of configuration)?
The one I seem to have, certainly, does not satisfy me.

> Havoc



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