Re: patch for select in zvt

just an idea:

what about autoselecting words when dragging right, but selecting characters 
when dragging left?  that way we can still make our selections right after 
we've selected the word?

that behaviour is in Internet Explorer.

for the record, I use only GNOME.

Quoting Aron Griffis <agriffis zk3 dec com>:

> Hello (MfG?) (bmg?),
> M G Berberich wrote:	[Tue May  8 2001,  1:24:38PM EDT]
> > The word-select in zvt always annoyed me, 
> Thank you!  I would encourage the Gnome developers to accept your
> patch,
> because this is something that has always bothered me also!
> I was wondering if you would be interested in making another
> modification to the zvt selection code while you're familiar with it. 
> I
> have always liked xterm's cutToBeginningOfLine feature.  See the xterm
> man-page if you are unfamiliar with it.
> Basically it provides an easy way to grab everything starting from a
> specific word to the end of the line.  If you triple click on a word,
> the selection will extend from that word to the end of the line.  If
> you
> triple click on whitespace at the end of the line, then the entire
> line
> will be selected.
> Would you be interested in implementing this?  I would be interested
> in
> the patch, and in seeing it integrated into Gnome proper.
> Thanks,
> Aron
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