Re: Sound server observations

ARTSd is supposed to be an all-encompassing sound solution covering from MIDI 
to PCM wave output.  You're right about artsd being really slow.  THAT HAS to 
be a bug.

I don't think getting rid of artsd is an option.   artsd is an excellent idea.

I think the real architectural problem/barrier resides in OSS.  ALSA has made 
great strides towards a solution, but we still don't have (not that I know on 
my infinite ignorance) a solution like the Windows driver model.

On a side note, have you noticed that ESD is illegal under the DMCA when used 
with esddsp to play RealMedia streams?  but don't spread the word hahahaha.

I'd like to see automatic sound server setup for X terminals.

Good luck,

Quoting Michel Alexandre Salim <salimma1 yahoo co uk>:

> Hello all,
> As someone who use both GNOME and KDE a lot I have had quite a fair
> amount of experience from an user's POV regarding EsounD and aRtsD. To
> summarize:
> EsounD : low performance hit (~ 3%). Requires programs to support
> outputting sound to it
> aRtsD    : higher demand on CPU. Sometimes forces itself on other
> programs if not suspended first
> aviplay totally unusable on my P2-333 if aRtsD is enabled, but weirdly
> XMMS can bypass aRtsD if it's output is set to OSS.
> CPU usage for XMMS: 
>     running using OSS: < 1%
>     running under esd:  < 5%
>     running using aRts: > 10% (max. buffer) - 15% (standard settings)
> I have since reverted to using no sound server at all, since - this
> might be because I'm using ALSA 0.9 beta 3 - I can play multiple sound
> files at the same time, without modification (i.e. XMMS using OSS
> plugin, and play to play another wav file concurrently).
> If this is a fairly typical experiment, can GNOME be modified perhaps
> to
> support running *without* sound server? Since GNOME 2 will probably
> have
> aRts support, adding another option should not be too difficult. KDE
> already supports running without sound server by using the option 'use
> external program' to play sound - thanks KDE developers :)
> Regards,
> Michel Salim
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