Gnome-print 0.29


gnome-print-0.29 was just released. It is bugfix release, and hopefully
the last one from gnome-1-4-branch.

What's new?
- PS output should be DSC conformant - newer CUPS spoolers
  should not complain any more
- Build aliased font names correctly for embedding
- Embed all fonts in PS job
- Make all font paths in fontmap2 absolute
- Metafiles do not contain 'close' operator - fixes bug
  in printing componentized documents
- Fixed bug in showing text without gsave/grestore - guppi
  should print correctly now
- We should not crash any more for missing/broken font files
- gnome-font-install accepts '--help' and '--usage'
- added README.installer file, describing gnome-font-install,
  is also installed to PREFIX/share/fonts
- Smaller fixes here and there


Please submit bugreports to
I had to dig through all kind of secondary information, to find problems
people did encounter with gnome-print. While I did my best, to fix
all these, there are certainly many more I am completely ignorant of.

Best wishes,
Lauris Kaplinski

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