Re: GDM and alternate authentication methods

On Thursday, May 31, 2001 11:48:30 -0700, Alan <alan ufies org> wrote:
| Maybe I didn't read/understand your original post, and probably should
| have either responded to the original authors post, or stuck a big
| [offtopic] in the subject, and for that I appologize, however before
| blasting *me* for being  a redhat bigot, please ensure that you're
| understand what I was trying to get  across :)

Now that my point is guaranteed to be buried under irrelevancies so that the hail-Linux status quo can be maintained:

No, I didn't intend to attack you. I just get REALLY REALLY FRUSTRATED when a project that *used* to pride itself on its portability to so many systems takes the attitude that "it works on Linux, that's good enough". I inferred Red Hat from the fact that I pointed out that Kerberos and AFS support in PAM is iffy *even on Linux* and it was completely ignored --- after all, it "works fine" in Red Hat 7 if you only care about Red Hat's Kerberos 5 support... (and I've been following the Kerberos situation in Debian and it's slightly better but AFAIK {kth-krb,MIT krb5,heimdal}+{OpenAFS,Arla} via PAM is still difficult to get right in all cases).

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