GNOME 2 porting document released

After a much longer wait than was probably reasonable, a preliminary
version of the GNOME 2 porting document has now been released. This
document should help developers who have existing GNOME 1 applications
and wish to move them over to the GNOME 2 platform.

Note that this document is still incomplete parts. Most of the currently
missing parts are marked appropriately. It also, no doubt, contains what
a polite reviewer would call "editorial errors", but which most people
will recognise as vast tracts of ignorance on my part.  Please feel free
to fill my mailbox with corrections and comments about which bits could
be made clearer or otherwise improved.

You can view the document online at

or grab the porting-doc module from CVS. In the latter case, there are
instructions for producing HTML files from the XML in the README file.


I feel like I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe.

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