Re: Gnome canvas pixels_per_unit error?

>I've got a little app that packs lots of GtkWidgets into a Gnome
>canvas.  It works fine, except when I try to "zoom" in and out as per
>the test code.  All my GnomeCanvasItems zoom fine.  But my GtkWidgets
>This is odd, since I see the button widget in canvas_primatives() works

they don't do this. they will not even respond to layering correctly,
let alone zoom.

to quote Havoc from a few months back:

     "integration of embedded widgets into the canvas is
      fairly poor"

zooming like this is done using affine transforms. widgets are simply
not responsive to this kind of stuff. for this to work, the entire
widget model in GTK+ would have to altered so that all widgets were
really just canvas items. i don't this is going to happen any time
soon, even though its actually a fabulous idea.


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