Re: BUG NAG: 6084 bugs open on

On 14 Sep 2001, Christian Marillat wrote:

> >>>> "EL" == Elliot Lee <sopwith+gnome redhat com> writes:
> >                      Component | # of Bugs
> Can you explain why you close bug without any explanation ?
> All these bug has been closed without any explanations.
> 23952
> 36917
> 55671
> 52063
> 15505
> 9161
> If you don't reopen these bug, I'll refill all the same bug.

I agree that it is a bit rude to close bugs without an explanation, but
refiling the bugs is more likely to piss off the maintainer that get your
problem fixed.  If you look at the bug activity page, you can see who
change what when for changes that did not include a description.

By the way, #52063 seems to have been resolved as a duplicate of #53989.
Resubmitting it would be a waste of your time and the developer's time.


Email: james daa com au

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