Re: BUG NAG: 6084 bugs open on

On 14 Sep 2001, Christian Marillat wrote:

> All these bug has been closed without any explanations.
> 23952
> 36917
> 55671
> 52063
> 15505
> 9161
> If you don't reopen these bug, I'll refill all the same bug.

tvgm ximian com closed 23952 as WONTFIX, most likely because Nautilus is 
now used for the control panel listing...

chema ximian closed 9161 as WONTFIX. I don't know why exactly, but I would 
guess that it is for the same reason.

My guess is that none of your bugs are relevant any more, and people don't
want to fix the bugs in the old setup. You need to ask the people who
closed them, though.

Probably people should provide small explanations when using WONTFIX, and 
maybe some other resolutions.

-- Elliot
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