Re: BUG NAG: 6084 bugs open on

On Fri, Sep 14, 2001 at 11:20:21AM -0400 or thereabouts, Elliot Lee wrote:
> On 14 Sep 2001, Christian Marillat wrote:
> > All these bug has been closed without any explanations.
> My guess is that none of your bugs are relevant any more, and people don't
> want to fix the bugs in the old setup. You need to ask the people who
> closed them, though.
> Probably people should provide small explanations when using WONTFIX, and 
> maybe some other resolutions.

I absolutely concur. Please don't just close them. Give a reason. If you're
trying to sort bugs and you find a 1.4 bug and you think it's a duplicate of
a 1.2 bug, finding the 1.2 one was closed for no reason tells you nothing.
You have no idea whether it's fixed, closed because it was needinfo for
three months with no response, or even someone closing the wrong bug.
(Which has happened..) You then have absolutely no idea what to do with
the newer one. 

If you're not sure about how to deal with bugs and bugzilla, please ask
in gnome-bugsquad gnome org or on #bugs on There's a bunch
of people who have spent a lot of time since bugzilla arrived trying to
clean it: tcurtis, jfleck, kmaraas, malcolm, louie... I am going to miss
people out if I start to list them. 

I shall try to write up a rough summary of "when we use which" and 
examples. I like the idea someone had of "top ten duplicate bugs", too.

It's extremely frustrating to have bugs just closed on you with no
warning. It can happen accidentally. I once mass-closed a group of
about 50 and discovered the message about "Fixed in..." had not 
been added to all of them. So do check :) 


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