Re: gtk_file_selection (gtk+-1.2.10) does not allow subsequent set_wmclass()

On 2001.09.29 18:59 Chema Celorio wrote:
> > It has been observed that the following sequence:
> > 
> >      fsw = gtk_file_selection_new(_("Attach file"));
> >      gtk_window_set_wmclass(GTK_WINDOW(fsw), "file", "Balsa");
> > 
> > generates a warning:
> > Gtk-WARNING **: shouldn't set wmclass after window is realized!
> Are you by any chance using the Ximian packages ? We apply some patches
> to the gtk-file-selctor that may be causing this. If this is the case,
> we should close the bug in gtk+ and submit one in
> for the Ximian desktop product, gtk+ module. I have the feeling that it
> is our (ximian) bug.

The bug was filed in, RedHat guys suggested to check if
ximian libraries were involved. Since the test had been positive, the report was closed and similar report in filed - and marked as duplicate of which has pretty long
history, it seems. There is actually your patch recently filed with this

Thanks anyway (perhaps I should have informed the list about the

Pawel Salek, pawsa theochem kth se

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