Re: vt.c small patch

Cristiano De Michele <demichel na infn it> writes:
> oh no I have just yesterday compiled your profterm ;-)
> but I'm still developing MultiGnomeTerminal (MGT),
> my idea is to finish the work on MGT and then to switch fully to Gnome
> 2, anyway I can actually apply all my patches
> to zvt widget. 

Sounds good.

> I also remind you that I have write access
> to GNOME repository though I prefer still to submit patches
> to you and give you the possibility to check them in 

Yep, I should have just asked you to commit.

> Debian Woody maybe still use Gnome 1.4 so I think it's useful
> to offer with Gnome 1.4 a multi tabbed terminal, do you agree?

If people would find it useful, I can't contradict them.
I'm all for it.

> In any case I could apply all patches related to zvt
> to both gnome versions (1.4 and 2.0), of course.


> zvt has multibyte support too, isn't it? 

Sort of. There was a broken patch for zvt 1.4 that made multibyte
work, but it apparently assumes that all multibyte chars are
double-width (take up two terminal cells). Which isn't accurate,
should use wcwidth() to see how wide a char is.  Also the UTF-8 in zvt
may or may not work, probably doesn't.

This patch has not been ported to libzvt HEAD, so libzvt HEAD doesn't
even have the broken multibyte support. 

> but what's Xft?

The replacement font system for X that give antialiasing and so on.


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