Re: vt.c small patch

On Mon, 2002-04-22 at 00:51, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> That sounds like a good idea. You'll be the first person to really
> work on zvt in years. ;-) 

Not counting all of Marc Mulcahy's work to make it 

> Why not work on the gnome 2 version? Are you
> still unable to compile it? I don't think many people are going to
> ship gnome 1.4 again. Most patches probably apply to both versions,
> though, so working on 1.4 is still useful. You probably want to have a
> look at the "libzvt" bugs in bugzilla, as well, to see things that
> need doing.

If you are doing any work in libzvt, please be mindful of the
accessibility support, for which regressions may not be apparent unless
you are explicitly testing with tools like 'libferret' from GAIL.



> There's also a "vte" module in CVS that's a different terminal widget
> Nalin is working on.  Zvt will definitely be used for gnome 2, vte is
> in the gtkhtml2/metacity/etc. category, it's sort of an experiment. I
> have no idea if we'll ever use it, but I want you to know about it in
> case you're interested.  IMO it's interesting due to Unicode support,
> Xft, and some other random stuff.
> Havoc
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