Re: [Not-exatly-an-announcement] New Gnome Disk Free

On Fri, 2002-04-26 at 21:06, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Naba Kumar">
> > Well, it's a very small project, but I would like to know if it can go in
> > gnome-utils(2) -- basically, because I consider it to be a very handy
> > application and also the project will get a home in the cvs (creating a
> > brand new module for this tiny app doesn't sound very exiting, either).
> There was some discussion about this a while ago, and just about everyone
> wanted to see a diskfree graph thingy integrated into gnome-system-monitor.
> KevinV sounded happy enough to take the patch were it provided.

Oh, I didn't know if any discussion had taken place for this. In which
mailing list did it take place? I searched gnome-hackers and
gnome-devel-list and couldn't find anything. I would be happy to have a
look at the discussion.

As far the gnome-system-monitor is considered, it is cool that it has
everything, but sometimes we need smaller tools than just the grand tool
having everything. Also, the disk usage listing in gnome-system-monitor
is very primitive.

I think I can make component out of it (gnome-df) so that
gnome-system-monitor could use it. It should be pretty easy (one evening
job) because the whole thing is already very neatly widgetized.

With the component available, gnome-system-monitor can use it within it
and also people (like me) wishing to run it alone can have it with a
small container application.

Please tell me if I should make component out of it. I am ready to do
it, provided I am promised that once it is done it will go in the cvs
(anywhere, but most likely in gnome-util), because trashing the project
after I spend more time isn't going to make me happy. :)

Looking forward to hear everyone's opinion.


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