Re: three open issues for gnome

On Sun, 2002-04-28 at 14:35, Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:
> Sean Middleditch <elanthis awesomeplay com> writes:
> > I'm fairly sure all the core GNOME apps use ESD.  If not, I'm sure there
> > is support for a pseudo /dev/dsp device for ESD.  Is it part of ESD
> > core, or a non-standard add-on?
> Sure, the gnome apps use esd...but there's more than gnome.  I don't
> know of any pseudo /dev/dsp device.  Can you give me pointers?  It's
> not in the standard Debian version AFAICT.

A search on google didn't turn anything up... I was likely mistaken
then.  If it's not on Google, it doesn't exist.  ~,^

I did find some articles refering to esd tricks for, example, making Q3
run thru esd, but they didn't cover general practices.  I'm assuming if
you can do it for Q3, yuo can do it for any app.

> > gnome-moz-remote shouldn't be used by modern applications.  The
> > applications should be using the GNOME URL handlers, which you should
> > configure for the web-browser of your choice.  Non-GNOME applications
> > should make use of the BROWSER environment variable... if not, you
> > should e-mail the application authors and tell them their app is broken;
> > it doesn't follow the "standard way of doing things."
> Hoever, gnome-moz-remote doesn't have a way of running a browser on a
> different machine if you are coming in via ssh -X.

If you start an X application on a remote host, that's where it runs,
and it displays on your X session.  The modern browers (Mozilla, Galeon)
both will open a new window in the current process if run again (I
believe this works over SSH).  If you need a whole new process launched,
and have it run on the local host, then I don't think there is much you
can do.

Perhaps contact the Galeon team and see if they can't perhaps make some
kind of very lite controller process (or a task docklet or *ew*
applet).  Make that launch/load at startup, and it'll work just as if
you had a Galeon window open and ran the galeon command on the remote
host.  That'd be bloat, but then, you can't expect more features and
functions without using more CPU and memory.  ^,^

> > > 3) mailto URLs.  I use Emacs to send mail.  When I click on a mailto
> > > URL--within or without my web browser--it should pop up an emacs
> > > window sending mail to the relevant spot.
> > 
> > The same thing can be done using the previously mentioned URL handlers. 
> > I have mine setup to use Evolution; I'm sure you can set it up to launch
> > the proper command for Emacs.
> Thanks for the pointer, I'll check this out.
> Thomas

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