Re: three open issues for gnome

Sean Middleditch <elanthis awesomeplay com> writes:

> If you start an X application on a remote host, that's where it runs,
> and it displays on your X session.  The modern browers (Mozilla, Galeon)
> both will open a new window in the current process if run again (I
> believe this works over SSH).  If you need a whole new process launched,
> and have it run on the local host, then I don't think there is much you
> can do.

Perhaps I wasn't clear.  I'm on my laptop, aquinas.  I have a
full-blown gnome session on aquinas, including a galeon process.  I
ssh -X to another machine, becket.  On becket I run some application.
That application pops up on aquinas just fine, and follows all the
right rules.  Everything Just Works.

But the application has an active link of some kind, and I click on
it, and now it starts up a whole web browser running on becket
(displaying on aquinas of course).  This is pessimal.

What I want is for it to send the message to the existing web browser
on aquinas, and request that browser to start up.


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