Re: Opinion on Gnome 2.0

Quoting Sean Middleditch <elanthis awesomeplay com>:

> On Sun, 2002-08-04 at 20:58, Nuno Afonso wrote:
> > the problem with this, is that the applications appear all together...
> > the RedHat beta has metacity by default, and you have, for exemple, the
> > 'Window Appearance' icon.. but that only works for sawfish, so if the
> > user doesn't know about this "details" he will assume that gnome has
> > problems, because no message is shown.. it just stays there.. At least
> > on the old gnome control center we would see this icon under ' Sawfish
> > Options ', or something like that.. 
> Ah, hmm.  This I don't know about (not running Sawfish..., don't even
> have it installed, not running RH either).
> Again, tho, if RH is showing "Sawfish Options," I'd file a serious bug
> report against it (in RH's database, for fscked up local configuration)
> - the user shouldn't in any way have to be subjected to the fact that
> WM's even exist; that was half the point such options were removed from
> core GNOME2.

It is a Red Hat BETA.  I wouldn't expect everything to be perfect yet.

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