Re: Callbacks on GNOME2

Hi Michael!

El mar, 06-08-2002 a las 06:28, Michael Meeks escribió:

> > when I try to do GNOME_CANVAS(widget) on a subsequent function call.
> > (this happened too with other callbacks too).
> 	Presumably you connected this to a signal on the GnomeApp instead of a
> signal on the canvas then;
Is strange because the callback connection is like this:

gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (starchart), "motion_notify_event",
                      GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC (starchart_event_pointer_motion),

Another question for the list: I'm finishing the last details in the
migration (really my app is still very tiny!), by defining this:


And what I've realized is that glade-2 use deprecated code in its C code
generation!!, so I wanted to ask you how important is to write new code,
because I don't want to leave glade-2 for the moment, I don't want to
sped hours editing by hand the interface.c.

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