Re: Callbacks on GNOME2

Hi Lucas,

On Tue, 2002-08-06 at 16:41, Lucas Di Pentima wrote:
> Is strange because the callback connection is like this:
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (starchart), "motion_notify_event",
>                       GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC (starchart_event_pointer_motion),
>                       NULL);
> ---------------------------------------------------------

	Well - are you sure you have the right signature for the
event_pointer_motion ? with a gboolean return, etc. etc.

> And what I've realized is that glade-2 use deprecated code in its C code
> generation!!
  ^^^^^^^^^^ !!!!!

	Gack; that feature should almost certainly be turned off or a large
dialog added saying 'This is a bad idea'.

	You weren't to know - but mostly people use 'libglade' which builds
your GUI from the XML file - this is a lot easier to use, since you can
then change your code easily and not have problems later. It _should_
also do auto-signal connection [ although I had problems with that when
I tried to use it last ].

> , so I wanted to ask you how important is to write new code,
> because I don't want to leave glade-2 for the moment, I don't want to
> sped hours editing by hand the interface.c.

	Bin glade-2's code generation, and use libglade instead; no serious
Gnome project uses the code generation, so it's likely to be stale and
it's certainly not that useful.



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