Re: XSelectInput in applets

Hello Havoc

> Each applet should have its own window. But yes the X event queue is
> shared.
Sorry, I mixed the event queue and main window here:)

> Pager is installing a mask on the root window, not the applet's window.
Yes, I exactly meant it. Also it installs event mask on other windows
(to look for their properties), doesn't it?

> It may make sense to have some sort of "reference count" for each bit
> set in the root window mask. But I'm not sure if that should be in
> GDK, gnome-panel, or bonobo.
Exactly! I really thought about these counters? What about gnome 2.3?
But why bonobo? I thought about something between gdk and gnome-panel...
I would say gdk looks more appropriate for this thing... Would you do
this at some point? 

Actually, there are some common functions in libwnck and libxklavier (at
least - tracking the window tree, active windows etc). Probably we(I)
should consider some kind of interaction... I would have a look whether
I can use libwnck for my purposes - but it is based on glib&Co. - and I
would like to keep my library environment-agnostic...

Thanks for the comments,


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