RE: Developing and Testing panel applets

Hi Michael

>	Your focused work there would be much appreciated.
Well, probably I'll be able to measure something after I return back from
Russia 6.01.03. I do not promise though.

>	I used to think like that; but I was wrong ;-) humans write worse
>assembler in unlimited time than a C compiler would in the same time. [
>and it's unmaintainable ;-].
:) You got the point here...

>	Hey. there's not much official about me; however I am interested in
>optimisation - and if you are too, lets get together; you might want to
>help me getting OO.o accelerated too ;-)
:) Kidding about OO? :) About "official": at least your email is from domain - so in GNOME world your emails can be treated like
official statements:) Seriously, IMHO your personally have enough weight in
the gnome world to make statements on the subject (though some people can
still argue with me).

So sorry, I will not be able to continue the discussion any time soon. But
really thanks to everyone for the measured number - they really look



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