RE: Developing and Testing panel applets

> 	I'm not interested in saving RAM no :-) I am particularly
> interested in
> a bug-free and debuggable panel.
:) Very egoistic interest:)

> 	+ 1% of users use JimBobHackedLeetShLibApplet which corrupts
> 	  memory badly, uses global variables, can't cope with multiple
> 	  instances etc.
:) BTW, what would be the way to PREVENT the second instance of the applet?
I would really need this. Not related to the panel itself - it is just very
difficult (impossible?) to design xkb switcher in a way which would support
multiple instances. Even existing non-gnome xkb switchers always have
difficulties in multi-instance mode. Any advice (how to remove the second
instance) would be really welcome here.

> 	Thus we get screwed by people doing stupid things beyond
> our control.
Ignore them! :) Joke.

> 	If you're applet is useful enough to be in the core
> distribution, it's
> likely to be used enough and read enough to be sufficiently bug free
> that it's worth making it a shlib component.
OK. That is the kind of a statement I expected. Probably I should make my
applet back to app, how do you think?

> 	Otherwise it's a really bad idea for everyone IMHO.
Said enough. I am shutting up right now.

BTW, any idea: what it a price of a process in Linux (RAM-wise, in kernel)?
And whether in-process CORBA server works any faster then out-process...?



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