Re: remove gnome-cd (and cddb-slave) from gnome-media

Marius Andreiana <mandreiana_lists yahoo com> writes: 
> Does anybody use gnome-cd on a regular basis? Yeah, we all started
> it once, played a little with it, then returned to xmms (which uses
> gtk too).
> Is there any reason for keeping it while there are better alternatives
> and open bugs on nautilus/evolution?

I haven't looked at gnome-media 2.0 but gtcd is approximately the
right idea UI wise.

xmms on the other hand is totally, totally broken: no consideration of
i18n, no consideration of accessibility, and doesn't have window

_I_ can't read the text in xmms - I don't think it's very practical
for disabled users!

Windows Media Player carefully preserves keyboard navigation when
using the funky themes, and they have a "native widgets" theme that
would work fine for i18n, high-contrast, etc., and has proper window

Where we should be going in the end is to a media player, of course,
rather than simply a CD player, and handle i18n/accessibility as WMP
does. But for GNOME 2 a simple native-UI CD player is the only way I
see to ship something that works for i18n/accessibility.


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