Re: Word attachment...on linuxtoday

    This may be said in ignorance, but isn't SVG a good substitute for PDF?

What exactly is "SVG"?  I know it as an abbreviation for "scalable
vector graphics", but that is a general idea, not a specific format
someone could go and use.

The W3C is considering a standard format for SVG, but there is a
controversy because that standard is covered by a patent or patents
which would make it impossible for free software to implement it.  I
believe one patent is in the hands of Apple.  So that format, as now
proposed, seems not to be a good choice.

But I am not sure whether you mean that format or some other.

    This would also make Linux (more?) source compatible with Apple.
    (I.e., grab the GNUStep stuff, the [yet to be implemented] 
    Linux-Quart2D-implementation, and some other stuff, and porting should
    be a snap.)

Are you suggesting putting GNUstep into Linux?  It seems rather
unmodular to do that.  If you mean making the GNU/Linux system more
compatible with MacOS, please don't call the system "Linux".  It is
more GNU than Linux.  We here, working on the GNU system, need to
remind the users of that.

See for more explanation.

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