The annual GNOME European Conference: Seville, Spain.

Join us for the third GNOME Conference in Europe!

	Conference: GNOME Users and Developers European Conference
	Location:   Seville, Spain.
	Dates: 	    April 4-6, 2002
	Venue:	    Escuela de Ingenieros de Sevilla.

    	This year the GNOME developers and users will be getting
    together for our anual european conference.  Come enjoy with us a
    good time with fellow developers on the city of Seville, Spain and
    come enjoy with us some late night tapas with your favorite GNOME
    developer and a good time with friends and colaborators you have
    worked with over the past couple of years.
    	Come to learn about the latest developments in the GNOME
    world; come see the future of Unix on the desktop; provide direct
    feedback and spend the nights hacking and enjoying a good time
    with likely minded hackers in the spring in Spain.
    	See what goes on in Gtk+ 2.0 under the hood, learn about the
    new GNOME 2.0 platform from the architects who built it, see what
    GNOME-DB has to offer, learn to program GNOME from C++, Python and
    Perl; see how you can you effectively use GtkHTML in your

	Learn how to write plugins for the GIMP and GStreamer.

	If you are not a programmer, you can also come and learn from
    our artistic team how to use the GIMP to create nice looking
    graphics, see how Tuomas creates beautifully looking icons that
    lighten up our days.
    	This is the third GNOME European conference that we are
    helding.  The conferences were started by Mathieu Lacage for the
    first time in Paris; The next year we moved our conference to
    Copenhagen and this year we are going to Spain.  

* Travel Information

 	The GUADEC team has done an outstanding job of providing
    detailed travel information, hotel information and touristic data
    of the city, you can find the information here:


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