Re: Devel strategy of the file selection dialogs?

> "Frederic Brunel" <brunel mail dotcom fr> writes:


> In order to allow ourselves to move quickly without creating a big
> mess of library to support, we've invented the idea of a prototype
> library, called libegg. This is in CVS now, and is where the file
> selector will initially land when someone writes it. Then it will move
> to GTK.

Will it be one of file-sel and gnome-file-selector ? I check them out os
CVS and skimmed through them:

file-sel: GNOME 1.x based - quite heavyweight (bonobo, bonoui?, gal,
gnome-vfs,  the lot) - definitely not suitable, though it looks nice
(similar to the default Ximian file selector)

gnome-file-selector: GNOME2 based. Not that great in the looks
department but seems stable and provides a more powerful API. It has all
the features of the current GtkFileSelection like TAB completion, etc.
However, it too depends on GnomeVFS, GConf and Bonobo.

> If you read the filesel notes thread, it makes it clear how to take
> advantage of GNOME features such as gnome-vfs while keeping the widget
> in GTK.

I suppose you mean this:

It seems to me that none of the above achieve that - so it's going to be
a re-write from scratch ? Also, the KFileDialog link is missing - and it
is pretty good as far as file dialogs go (though a bit heavyweight)

> > So, please try to make me clear about of what you're
> > planning to do about it!
> What will happen is that someone will appear (sometime) who will
> actually do the work to solve the problem. In the meantime, a lot of
> people will complain.
> The "filesel notes" thread does a reasonable job of framing what needs
> to be done.
> So, we need someone to start writing code.

Is someone working on this already ? If not, I might give it a shot. In
that case I'll study the links you've given in the mail in detail (maybe
even write some code to get the feel of each) and try to come up with
some preliminary docs in a week or two which I'll post to the list.


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