Re: Devel strategy of the file selection dialogs?

Biswapesh Chattopadhyay <biswapesh_chatterjee tcscal co in> writes: 
> Will it be one of file-sel and gnome-file-selector ?

If someone reads "filesel notes" and gets an idea of the general
requirements, and does the work, and decides to base their work on one
of those then yes. Otherwise no. ;-)
There's also the dialog in Anjuta - is it one of those?

There's some initial work on an icon list widget in libegg that could
be used for the icons.

> I suppose you mean this:

The whole thread that follows, not just the initial post. Many good
points made.

> It seems to me that none of the above achieve that - so it's going to be
> a re-write from scratch ? Also, the KFileDialog link is missing - and it
> is pretty good as far as file dialogs go (though a bit heavyweight)

KFileDialog should probably be included. I don't like its UI
personally, too many buttons and gizmos. But the API should be looked
> Is someone working on this already ? If not, I might give it a shot. In
> that case I'll study the links you've given in the mail in detail (maybe
> even write some code to get the feel of each) and try to come up with
> some preliminary docs in a week or two which I'll post to the list.

Sounds great! Yep the thing to do is just dive in. But it's important
to get the rough API design right.


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