Re: Of file dialogs and customizable toolbars

Michael Meeks <michael ximian com> writes:
> 	Interesting. I forget the conclusion of the filesel discussion, but am
> I wrong in thinking that it was to have an _extremely_ abstract and
> minimal API ? with the standard implementation hiding absolutely all of
> it's innards ?

Well there was some controversy about that IIRC. It has to be super
abstract/minimal if you want to allow the native Windows/OSX filesel
to be used. If you are willing to give that up you could let people
know there's an icon list and such (though then you give up being able
to change the selector radically later). An in between route would
expose functions like file_selector_add_preview_widget() but not
expose where the preview goes, etc.

I like this last idea, myself. A mostly opaque widget but still an
exposed GTK widget. Then possibly add the modal get_filename()
function that uses native win32, for people that are willing to just
use that modal function.


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