Nautilus Book mark menu bug 78949

Am working on bug 78949 which was logged for "Bookmark menu items being
vanished when we _add bookmarks_ repeatedly".

The above issue arises only when we add a bookmark and popup the
bookmark list menu in quick succession.

In my analysis I inferred the following:
a) When a bookmark is added, the existing menu item entries are removed
from the bookmark menu and then the new menu item entries (both static
and dynamic) are added to this menu.

refer: refresh_bookmarks_menu() in nautilus-windows-menus.c. This
routine takes quite sometime to execute.

b) And if we popup the bookmark menu before this
(refresh_bookmarks_menu) routine completes its execution, the menu will
be truncated with first two menu items (Add and Edit bookmarks). Where
as if we are poping up this menu after the execution of this routine,
the entire menu items including the recently added bookmark will be

Presuming that this behavior is due to gtk_widget_size_request() in
gtk_menu_popup() returning wrong values for the menu
allocation[width/height] I hard coded the expected values for the width
and height, but it doesn't help though.

I have the following queries here:
i) Is the above problem a result of queue_resize() of a widget being
timed out due to the long execution time of refresh_bookmarks_menu() as
stated in case-b above (or)
ii) Is it some other gtk issue which is common for any dynamic menus?

Pls pour in your comments.


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