Re: Gtk+ menu bug 78949

On Wed, 2002-07-03 at 15:28, Rajkumar Sivasamy wrote:
> Presuming that this behavior is due to gtk_widget_size_request() in
> gtk_menu_popup() returning wrong values for the menu
> allocation[width/height] I hard coded the expected values for the width
> and height, but it doesn't help though.

	I imagine it's that the popup window itself is not resized correctly.
The best place to ask about this is gtk-devel-list gnome org since it's
clearly a gtk+ bug.

	I'd use my patch to gtk-demo to test it too, since it neatly isolates
the problem as in Gtk+ and it's quick to build.

> I have the following queries here:
> i) Is the above problem a result of queue_resize() of a widget being
> timed out due to the long execution time of refresh_bookmarks_menu() as
> stated in case-b above (or)

	Nope - it's a gtk+ bug. Simply that if you add items to an already
popped up menu, it doesn't resize correctly. In some cases you can see
there are new buttons at the bottom that can receive partial focus, but
the window is not correctly re-sized.

	Also you'll notice some cruft in the popup code to do with sizing,
AFAIR a boolean set that does nothing / isn't read etc.



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