Re: Devel strategy of the file selection dialogs?

Hi Havoc

I went through the file selection docs for Java, Qt, GTK+, KDE,
OpenOffice, GTK (current), etc. Since no-one seems to have done anything
concrete about this yet, I thought I'd start the stuff off with a (very
rough) interface (+ bits of the implementation). The code is attached
below, along with a README (around 10K in total - I hope that's OK for
the MLs). It is also pretty well-documented, and the simple file based
backend is almost 100% implemented, because I wanted to give people a
feel of what I'm trying to achieve. The design is pretty closely
modelled on the Swing API.

The interface is very incomplete (esp. the actual file selector API is
virtually non-existent) but I thought it might be a good idea to get
some opinions on this so that I don't waste a lot of time moving in an
entirely wrong direction.

So, can someone review this stuff (keeping in mind that it's very
incomplete and alpha) to check if I've got the basics right ? Or is this
totally off ? I'd be grateful for any comments.


On Wed, 2002-07-03 at 19:42, hp icon devel redhat com wrote:
> Biswapesh Chattopadhyay <biswapesh_chatterjee tcscal co in> writes:
> > Will it be one of file-sel and gnome-file-selector ?
> If someone reads "filesel notes" and gets an idea of the general
> requirements, and does the work, and decides to base their work on one
> of those then yes. Otherwise no. ;-)
> There's also the dialog in Anjuta - is it one of those?
> There's some initial work on an icon list widget in libegg that could
> be used for the icons.
> > I suppose you mean this:
> >
> >
> The whole thread that follows, not just the initial post. Many good
> points made.
> > It seems to me that none of the above achieve that - so it's going to be
> > a re-write from scratch ? Also, the KFileDialog link is missing - and it
> > is pretty good as far as file dialogs go (though a bit heavyweight)
> KFileDialog should probably be included. I don't like its UI
> personally, too many buttons and gizmos. But the API should be looked
> at.
> > Is someone working on this already ? If not, I might give it a shot. In
> > that case I'll study the links you've given in the mail in detail (maybe
> > even write some code to get the feel of each) and try to come up with
> > some preliminary docs in a week or two which I'll post to the list.
> Sounds great! Yep the thing to do is just dive in. But it's important
> to get the rough API design right.
> Havoc

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