Re: Panel Applet Porting

On Wed, Jul 03, 2002 at 03:37:43PM -0400, jason petrone wrote:
> I don't seem to see a section in the porting guide on panel applets.

For better or worse, this was intentionally left out. The reason is
because Mark put a fantastic "how to port applets" section in the
libpanel documentation that should be installed as part of the
gnome-panel package. So have a hunt around in there.

> Could someone help me fill in the blanks on the steps needed?
> 0) Switch over to and make minor changes to 
>    as detailed in "Changes to the build environment".
> 1) Replace main(argc, argv) with PANEL_APPLET_BONOBO_FACTORY macro

One thing that bit me when writing an applet for my own use is that you
_must_ have GETTEXT_PACKAGE defined, since a bunch of the code uses it

> 2) Create oaf server file and copy to /usr/lib/bonobo/servers
> 3) Global search and replace for functions with changed names(e.g.
>     PanelApplet).

These last two steps are in the documentation I refer to above.


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